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Dynamic Organics is a 3 acre market garden producing a variety of spring, summer and winter vegetables grown using bio-dynamic principles.

Tyler Cotton is an organic farmer based at Burwash Manor. He set up Dynamic Organics after spending three and half years in New Zealand and Australia working on bio-dynamic farms and an organic grocery shop. He now grows and supplies vegetables fresh to Burwash Food Hall, and because the land he farms was already certified organic Tyler could immediately adopt the Australian Demeter method of bio-dynamics, which he learnt so much about during his experience in Australia.

Fundamentally, the method of bio-dynamics is about building a living, structured soil and understanding and encouraging the production of humus in it. Some of the techniques Tyler employs include proper application of correctly stored and made preparations, good use of rotations, green manures and careful cultivation of the soil.

Best of all, the vegetables produced are delicous, and organic!